Strategic Partners


Longevity AI Consortium at King's College London

The Biogerontology Research Foundation is leveraging its 10+ years experience on the topics of AI for Longevity Research and Preventive Medicine to support the launch of the UK's first Longevity AI Consortium at King's College London in partnership with Ageing Research at King's (ARK), the APPG for Longevity and Longevity International UK.


Longevity International is a social enterprise bringing together start-ups, industry, academic and governmental stakeholders under one umbrella to provide a unified voice and coordinating vehicle for positive discourse and change to ensure the ‘longevity dividend’ is accessible to everyone.

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Longevity Swiss Foundation is a leading Geneva-based Longevity Policy Non-profit and Think Tank working to leverage the national strengths and potentials of Switzerland in order to turn the nation into a world-leading Longevity Hub through the coordinated development of Longevity Politics and Governance, the Longevity BioTech Industry, Preventive Medicine, Precision Health and the emerging Longevity Financial Industry. Leveraging Switzerland’s existing reputation as a hub for independent international policy organizations like the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, UNESCO, the World Health Organization and Others, Swiss Longevity Foundation aims to turn Switzerland into the leading international hub for cross-sector and cross-nation Longevity Development projects and initiatives.

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The BGRF is a Proud Sponsor of APPG for Longevity

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Longevity was set up in March 2019  to address the scientific, technological and socio-economic issues relating to our ageing demographic and promote living younger, healthier and longer lives. The APPG is aiming to produce, with partners and experts, a draft National Strategy by end 2019 setting out what the United Kingdom needs to do to meet the goal set by Government of five more years of healthy life expectancy by 2035 (HLE + 5) and at the same time to close the large social gap in healthy life expectancy.  Through an ambitious action plan in 2020, the APPG aims to turn the ‘problem’ of ageing into one of the most promising opportunities of the 21st century – and secure Britain’s place as a global leader in longevity by providing access to the ‘longevity dividend’ to everyone equitably in society.


Aging Analytics Agency is the world’s premier provider of industry analytics on the topics of Longevity, Precision Preventive Medicine and Economics of Ageing, renowned for its development of sophisticated comparative analytical frameworks allowing for practical and tangible forecasts to be applied to industries that are otherwise too complex for standard analytical approaches to be used in a relevant way. The company provides strategic consulting services in fields relating to Longevity, and currently serves as the primary source of analytics and data for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity.


The Oxford University Scientific Society (OUSS) was founded in 1882 as The Oxford University Junior Scientific Club, and has hosted many distinguished speakers over the years. It is the oldest student-run science society in the world, and one of the largest societies in Oxford.